Zefal EZ Big Shot Threaded Cartridge



Control drive CO2 inflator

The EZ Big Shot is a CO2 inflator designed to inflate a tire (tubless or tubetype), without pumping action. Made of aluminum, this robust inflator is suitable for cyclists who want to re-inflate their tires in a few seconds. This equipment is particularly appreciated during competitions where time is precious. Its small size will be forgotten. However, if you want to carry it on your bike, we have specially developed the Pulse Z2i water bottle holder (ref 1706) to meet this need. Equipped with an air regulation system with automatic locking, the EZ Big Shot allows a dosage of the final pressure of the tire. Please refer to the usage chart to choose the right size cartridge for your tires and to know the pressure you can reach. The CO2 cartridge, made of 100% steel, is recyclable. It must be disposed of in the waste garbage can corresponding to recyclable waste.