– Black with RED with a Rear Zip.
– Unisex Article.
– Performance Fit.

– Our VeloRevolution Tri Apparel Line is meticulously designed for the optimal balance of aerodynamics, comfort and functionality whether you are in the middle of a tough training block or finally lining up to race.

– Our Elite designed suit gives higher levels of support and comfort than ever before. Perfectly designed to perform at its best in all stages of triathlon with complete freedom of movement provided by the combination of a sleeveless construction and fabrics from MitiTech which keep you nice and cool as things start to heat up.

– This Suit also features a laser cut leg construction which keeps it close to the body for compression, but doesn’t give you sausage legs. You can also say goodbye to that diaper butt for good, as the elastic interface and low profile chamois moves with your body comfortably.

– Improved DWR treatment and fit.
– Fabric is from MitiTech a stretch fabric engineered for high performance athletic apparel.
– Quality Premium Italian Triathlon Pad, this pad has been tested for Long Races and the model tested by triathletes, has minimal shape, density and thickness, as requested by the sport activity.
– The pad lined with Coolmax face fabric, a BlueSign® approved material, is an additional guarantee for
consumers’ safety. The Air-Flow System grants an excellent breathability.
– With Rear Zip Suit Construction.

MODEL:  Unisex Item
– 6ft 0-2″, 85-90kg, Waist 34″, Chest 40″ Wears Size Large.
– 5ft 6-10″ 70-79kg, typically wears MEDIUM.
– 5ft 4-6″, 65-70kg, typically wears SMALL.
– 5ft 4″, 58-64kg, typically wears XS. 

– Check unisex male size Chart above.
– Of course depending on your shoulders, please, you could size 1 up.

Please Note:
– This suit is tight race fit.
– On sizing, if you feel you are on the borderline of sizes, go for the bigger size.
– Expect to have someone help you zip the suit up. Needing help with the zipper is a sign of a performance fit.
– The suit should feel tight, but if it constricts your breathing or restricts shoulder movement in the water, then you need to size up.


Our products provide a race cut and they are tight, so you might
consider one size larger in case you prefer a more comfortable fit.

It is estimated that cyclists lose 3 to 4 kg’s during the summer. Keep this in mind when choosing your new cycling kit. If you usually wear a size Med Top, during the winter period you may need an Large.