– Our Velo Revolution® Tri Apparel Line is meticulously designed for the optimal balance of aerodynamics, comfort and functionality whether you are in the middle of a tough training block or finally lining up to race.

– This is our Lightest Aero Suit (designed for the hottest of Temperatures and tested in KONA for the last number of years) which we have named the SPEED CHEAT a Front Zip Speedsuit, our latest with IRONMAN, 70.3 or any long distance triathlons in hot climates in mind.

– Super fast proved in wind tunnel testing against leading worldwide brands more than twice the price.
– With 2 Leg neat mesh pockets.
– Performance Fit Style*

*Please review our ‘SPEEDSUIT ALL ROUNDER’ which is a unisex suit with slightly thicker material which means it is not so anatomically fitted, versus this speedcheat model.

Color: Red with Yellow and Black.

– New lighter structure for additional breathability.
– Made from Aero Speed Lycra on sleeves, front and rear of suit.
– Mesh Side Panels with Reversed Front zip with lapels.
– 1 Pocket (mesh) on each side of leg. 2 Pockets in total.
– Vent on front for easy toilet breaks.
– Shoulder and upper arm UV protection.
– Long front zip for comfort and cooling on the run.
– Made with latest italian fabrics delivering a soft feel but true sweat wicking.
– Front Zip, V-Neck. Reversed zip.
– Fabric is Revolutional Energy & 3 Action LycraLaser cut endings.

– Designed for Performance. This suit style was worn by Bryan McCrystal, the current Irish Ironman Record holder when he finished 2nd at IRONMAN Cork in 2019.

Model and Sizing Information:
– 6ft 2″(185cm), 85kg, 40″ chest(100cm), 34″ waist. Wears Size Large but could wear XL also (depends on where you are within size range).

– For sizing use the Male section, it is very anatomical and If in doubt, order 1 size up.
– Check Male Chart above. If you are in between size’s, order the larger one.

Sizing Info Advice:  (Performance Slim Fit)
– 6ft 0-2″, 85-90kg, Waist 34″, Chest 40″ Wears Size Large.
– 5ft 6-10″ 70-79kg, typically wears MEDIUM.
– 5ft 4-6″, 65-70kg, typically wears SMALL.
– 5ft 4″, 58-64kg, typically wears XS.

– Check Unisex Male Chart.

– Expect to take 3-4 minutes to put the suit on properly.
– The suit should feel tight, but if it constricts your breathing or restricts shoulder movement in the water, then you need to size up.

– La Fonte SAT Tri Long Distance Triathlon Pad.
This pad has been tested for Long Races and the article tested by triathlon athletes, has minimal shape, density and thickness, as requested by the sport activity. The pad lined with Coolmax face fabric, a BlueSign® approved material, is an additional guarantee for consumers’ safety. The Air-Flow System grants an excellent breathability. Coolmax pulls sweat away so you are dry, comfortable and ready for anything. It is composed of 100% polyester so it is great for moisture transport. It is the fastest drying high-tech fastest.


Our products provide a race cut and they are tight, so you might
consider one size larger in case you prefer a more comfortable fit.

It is estimated that cyclists lose 3 to 4 kg’s during the summer. Keep this in mind when choosing your new cycling kit. If you usually wear a size Med Top, during the winter period you may need an Large.