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Introducing the New Biofuse Earplug, engineered for superior comfort with a patented ergonomic design that’s shaped to the ear canal for maximum comfort, offering a secure fit during your swim. Easy to insert and remove, they keep the water out so you can train without distractions. ‘R’ and ‘L’ markings allow you to easily identify left and right earplugs, while the unique clip-together system floats in the water for easy location.



Biofuse technology for superior comfort.

Ergonomic design shaped to the ear canal, for ultra comfort, fit and security.

Easy insertion and removal.

Earplugs clip together and float in water to deter from loosing individual earplugs.

L & R mark to easily identify left and right earplugs

Comes in a reusable storage case, with ventilation holes for quick-drying.