Merida Silex 400 Blue Black


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Size: 54″

The SILEX 400 is simply crying out for some demanding cycling adventure away from pristine tarmac as well as fully laden bikepacking excursions. The stable handling of the triple butted aluminium frame, paired with our full carbon gravel fork and equipped with Shimano’s gravel-specific GRX groupset, means the 400 is super capable on the way up but also on the way back down again. And that is not just down to the fully hydraulic brakes. With the SILEX 400, every road is yours.

There’s a certain beauty in just riding without watching the time, heading wherever you feel the urge. For those rides, the test and award-winning SILEX makes total sense; our most comfortable and versatile road bike ever. With its modern MTB inspired geometry, long top and head tubes and short stem, it offers nimble, confidence-inspiring handling. While often seen on extended gravel and rough road outings, as well as bikepacking trips, the SILEX also found a strong following in comfort-orientated road riding connoisseurs as well as commuters and city traffic weavers. The more rugged 650b wheeled alternative to the 700c SILEX has managed to obtain multiple test wins as well as comfort awards, and is coming back in the form of the fully loaded and wirelessly shifted SILEX+ LIMITED. The ‘classic’ 700c SILEX also impressed the press with the 400 securing a test win in Cycling Plus, being certified as having a ‘huge fun factor’, ‘superb riding position’ and ‘brilliant off-road handling’.