Elite Buta Triathlon Drinking System 750ml


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Butà isn’t just a simple bottle, it’s an hydration system conceived by ELITE to meet the needs of those who practice triathlons, duathlons and other cycling endurance competitions.


The innovative ergonomic liquid flow system lets you drink till the last drop.

You can also easily refill the bottle during competitions and avoid any spillage thanks to its practical splash-proof cap.

Butà ensures total safety as the bottle is tightly held thanks to its integrated elastic system.

It’s very easy to drink via its flexible drinking tube (that you can also cut down to your desired size) with soft silicone nozzle.

Butà can be installed with a few simple steps on the ends of a triathlon bike handlebar (it’s compatible with handlebars having 70mm to 180 mm distance between edges).

Technical features

Butà hydration system includes 100% BPA-free bottle body and composite material bottlecage.

Its 750 ml capacity is ideal to ensure there’s enough liquid to last for the whole performance.