Bike Servicing

Bronze Service

Recommended every 3-6 months, especially if you’re using your bike regularly. Keep your bike safe and road worthy.

  • Bolt check

  • Frame & fork clean

  • Drivetrain Lubricated (As Required)

  • Wheel Hubs And Bearings Checked

  • Bottom Bracket Adjusted 

  • Brakes Set Up/cables checked

  • Adjusted Gears Set/ indexing

  • Tyres Inspected For Wear and Inflated

  • Test ride

Silver Service

More excessive cleaning and detailed service Comes with a drive train strip and rebuild

After this, the bike will be riding like new!

Everything in the basic service, plus:

  • Wheels truing in jig

    Remove wheels and clean Strip and deep clean of:

    Front and rear derailleur, chain cassette and chain set
  • Derailleur Hanger Alignment & True

  • Full frame clean & polish

  • Application of anti-seize and grease

Ultimate Experience €250

Everything in the full service plus:

  • All parts fully removed from frame and cleaned

  • Polishing Service

  • Wheel Hub Service:

    • Strip/Clean/Re-grease (As Required, Ex. Hub Gear)

  • Headset Service:

    • Strip, Clean & Re-Grease

  • Bottom Bracket Service And Threads Cleaned

If new parts are required, we will contact you before replacing anything!