About Us

What is Tri Hub?

Trihub is a swim, bike and run shop where all your triathlon needs,from beginner to experienced triathletes, are catered for in a knowledgeable and professional manner.
The idea behind trihub is to be a ‘hub’ for triathletes – a place to get all the requirements for this unique group, a chance to meet fellow triathletes and to help everyone enjoy the sport as much as the athlete wants!
At trihub I’m creating a place where people can come to chat over a coffee, be it on a group or individual ride, or for triathletes to hang out and even as a destination for coaches to meet their athletes.

Our Goal

My main goal for trihub is to listen to each individual athlete and guide them in the right direction. When I was a beginner, all those years ago, there was no one there to guide and support me, to give me an opinion of which items are right for me and those which aren’t. After experiencing over 50 triathlons, from sprint to olympic, 15 half-ironman and 2 full Ironman distances- I had the enduring pleasure of completing Ironman Youghal in 2022. From shopping, socialising, bike servicing and fitting, along with a cuppa-we have it all if you want to ……………“swim – cycle -run”.